These are my solo comics; for a complete list of publications, including anthologies, please see this page.

John, Dear

A comic about a bad relationship. 47 pages, published by Retrofit Comics.

…without question the most soul-shattering release of 2018, its ingenious marriage of physical, psychological, emotional, and sexual abuse with established tropes of the “body horror” genre carving you out (…) and don’t even get me started on the sheer power of Lannes’ gorgeously-dark graphite illustrations. She’s channeling something held so deeply inside here that I honestly don’t know how she got through the making of it without having a complete nervous breakdown --- certainly reading it will bring you right up to the threshold of one yourself. In a word -- devastating. - Ryan Carey, in The Comics Journal’s Best Comics of 2018

This is a story about an incredible man and, the woman herself informs us, his ordinary lover. (…) This is, above all, a story about darkness. It is figurative, in that it is about the mortification of intimate relationships and the implacable advance of control one person can exert over another. But it is literal as well, and Lannes wields it like no one else in comics. Certain pages are so deeply inked that faces vanish and reappear depending upon the lighting one reads them in. Shadows mist along the edges until they swell into the abyssal plains. Lannes’ lettering — small, white, regular — flickers across the churning blackness like candles in the wind. This is, in every respect, a descent: into abuse, into erasure, and into the cavernous possibilities of sequential art - The Verge’s 10 Best Comics of 2018


By Monday I’ll Be Floating in the Hudson with the Other Garbage

A collection of my diary comics from February and March 2017. 30 pages, printed in risograph by Perfectly Acceptable.

It's hard to explain what she's doing and why. A compulsion? Oversharing? Performance? Therapy? Sickness? I think there are elements of all of these things at work here, plus a fiendishly wicked sense of humor and a sense of rising to the occasion as an artist. (...) Combining her skill as a cartoonist, her razor-sharp wit, her ability to create a structure around the experience that any reader could understand turned those experiences into one of the best autobiographical comics I've ever read. - Rob Clough, High-Low Comics

There are plenty of comics memoirists who sand down the edges of their autobio comics – the Lucy Knisleys of this world are more than happy to make even the difficult and dirty parts of their stories rose-colored. By Monday I’ll Be Floating in the Hudson with the Other Garbage is the opposite of that tendency. In the pull quote, Carta Monir says, “These are the kind of comics that could get someone in trouble,” and I found that Monir’s distillation was an accurate one. Lannes is unflinching about, well, everything, including the sex she has and the troubles it causes her, including a potential case of chlamydia. There’s a spectacular vulnerability to the work, as well as a brittleness that makes the work hard to look away from. - Sequential State


Halloween 2017

A short collection of diary comics originally published on Patreon in 2017. Printed in risograph by Diskette Press in September 2018. 13 pages, 100 copies, never to be reprinted. Sold out.

Lannes is an incredible talent, both with her gentle brushwork and her brutal honesty. Her work is so strong because she offers a true glimpse into her life, seemingly without commentary or judgment. She’s one of the few autobiographical cartoonists I’ve read whose work truly offers a slice-of-life, neither emphasizing nor downplaying any perceived flaws. In her comics, she simply is, and it’s extremely refreshing. - Dan Stafford, in The Comics Journal’s Best Comics of 2018