Mirror Mirror II

The first three pages of my story for Mirror Mirror II, an anthology of comics on the themes of sex and horror edited by Julia Gfrörer and Sean T. Collins. The book can be purchased from the publisher, 2dcloud, or on Amazon.

Laura Lannes’s friendly indie drawings in "Love" deliver a tale of domestic tension that takes a turn straight out of Lars von Trier. - Hyperallergic

Laura Lannes’ "Love" is the perfect comic to kick off the ensuing party of sex and death contained in this anthology. (...) The first page of Love is one of my favorite first pages of the past few years. This story that closely intertwines sex, power, and the abuse of both together begins with a demented boss staring off into smudgy, distorted blacks, then fades into a shot of her subordinate’s nipple, just barely seen through an identical blackness that comprises her dress. Lannes’ austere profiles mixed with the oppressiveness of these blacks visually establish the boss’s obsession with her employee. It also sets a strong precedent for how Lannes uses negative space, and even just white and black themselves, as vehicles for the story. - Comics Bulletin