Bad Boyfriends

In 2016 I put together this anthology of comics about abusive male partners. All the stories are true. Some of the artists created comics based on their own experiences, while others illustrated someone else's story.

Comics by Cathy G. Johnson, Céline Loup, Hannah Kaplan, Hazel Newlevant, Julia Gfrörer, Laura Lannes (that's me), Laerte, Mariana Paraízo and Puiupo.

The physical zine can be bought here.

The PDF can be bought on Gumroad for as much as you'd like; all proceeds from PDF sales go to the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Edited by Laura Lannes, this is a powerful collection of stories of survival. What's really remarkable about it is how well it stands up as a work of art, not just as a work of personal expression. From decorative touches like the hand-stenciled cover and gold cardstock underlay to the large variety of visual approaches the artists used, every woman in this book contributed something remarkable. (...) Lannes takes a minimalist approach in not only recalling the details of her abusive relationship, but other events that primed her for such abuse. Her use of negative space to represent the depth of her pain and astonishment is especially stark. - Rob Clough, High-Low Comics  


This comic was my contribution to the zine.